Progress with ICP-OES

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

ICP-OES now suitable for detection low element contents in nonmetals

Kleve, August 19, 1998. The typical spectral lines of nonmetals like Cl, I, B, P, S and others are in the range of 120 to 200 nm. Because of strong absorption by oxygen, they could until now not be sensitively determined with ICP-OES. These elements can now be analyzed with low detection limits using the gas-filled UV-PLUS Optics in the SPECTROFLAME ICP. The advantage: Significant cost savings in the routine laboratory.

In drinking water, Cl, P can be detected far below the limit values which are requested by drinking water regulations. This avoids further analyses by other methods. The total content of chlorine in waste oils – besides the metals – is measured far below the requested limits. Even an upper limit for the content of PCB-compounds can be given by detecting the total chlorine content. The detection limits are also far below the required legal limits.

In conclusion: Many matrices can now be examined without problems for the nonmetal content by means of ICP-OES. Since this is simultaneously carried out with the metal analysis, the result is a considerable time and cost saving in the routine laboratory.

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