SPECTRO Sells its 10000th Spectrometer

Thursday, August 20, 1998

The 10000th Spectrometer for SIEMENS Gas Turbine Manufacturing in Berlin

Kleve, August 20, 1998. A further milestone has been set by SPECTRO: The 10000th Spectrometer has been sold to SIEMENS in Berlin. This presents another peak in SPECTRO’s successful history.

Exactly 19 years ago, the company was founded in Kleve, Germany. In 1979, SPECTRO’s first mobile spectrometer was developed. From that time metal manufacturers and –processors were able to analyze the quality of metals on the spot – without the need of additional laboratory work. Now we have come full circle: The 10000th instrument sold is again a mobile spectrometer, which will be used within quality control department at SIEMENS. The gas turbine plant in Berlin develops and manufactures modern high-performance gas turbines. High product quality in conjunction with precise compliance with the defined specifications is the key for operational safety and performance of power plant components and therefore the entire power plant.

SPECTRO has developed to become a worldwide leading manufacturer of instruments in the field of elemental analysis. The spectrometers are manufactured at production sites in Germany and in the USA. The product range has continuously been extended: Today the company offers a wide range of spectrometers: From mobile and portable spectrometers, stationary laboratory instruments, ICP- and mass spectrometers to energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. Fully automated analysis systems complete the product range. Around 600 employees work for the success of this high-tech enterprise. SPECTRO maintains a network of 50 subsidiaries and representations around the globe.

A short while ago, SPECTRO has undertaken an important step to strengthen its outstanding position in the world market of analytical instruments: ASOMA Instruments, Texas, has been acquired. ASOMA is a leading manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers and operates mainly in the north american market. Thus the X-ray product range has been completed.


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