SPECTRO announces the acquisition of ASOMA INSTRUMENTS INC.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Kleve, July 15, 1998. The acquisition was concluded through Spectro's holding company as being the first in a series of strategic moves to further consolidate Spectro's position in the analytical instruments market.

When asked to comment, Tom Blades, Spectro's CEO and President stated that: "Asoma and Spectro are close to a perfect fit with a mutually complementary XRF product offering that extends each of the companies lines and combines the respective strengths on both sides of the Atlantic. Asoma's On-Line processing products and solutions provides an additional dimension that allows both companies to cross-leverage existing technologies in a way that, simply put, would allow one and one to equal three!"

William F. Werdenberg, Asoma's President, went to add "This is an exciting development for both ASOMA's employees and customers. The combined XRF resources of SPECTRO and ASOMA will significantly shorten the time to market for new product development whilst at the same time enhancing the service and support for our already successful Bench-Top and Online systems."

Asoma Instruments Inc. was founded in 1980 by Ed King and has grown through world-wide sales to a leadership position in Industrial XRF solutions. Mr. King will remain an investor in the company and will provide ASOMA and SPECTRO with considerable experience and knowledge in a consulting capacity.

Spectro Analytical Instruments designs, manufactures and markets state of the art Spectrometers for a wide range of customers and applications. Since its founding in 1979 Spectro has maintained its lead as the industry innovator in Optical Emission Spectrometry with almost 10,000 instruments sold world-wide.

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