SPECTRO announces a new subsidiary in Hongkong

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Kleve, May 1, 1999. The brand new facility located in Chaiwan, Hong Kong was officially opened by Spectro‘s Managing Director Manfred Bergsch on the occasion of the 1999 Asia-Pacific Distributors meeting. Facilities at the Support Center include methods and applications development resources, demonstration laboratories, as well as sales, technical and service support across Spectro‘s full range of optical emission and XRF analytical instruments.

The new subsidiary named Spectro Analytical Instruments (Asia-Pacific) Ltd. is responsible for the coordination of support to the Spectro Group‘s established customer base in the region in addition to providing significant resources available to new and potential customers through the already established Distributor network.

Spectro Analytical Instruments (Asia-Pacific) Ltd‘s Managing Director, Keith Watson commented, "in the analytical instruments business customer support is absolutely vital. By placing that support directly in the region we are underlining Spectro‘s continuing commitment to its customers. We will be able to provide a faster and more flexible response to our Distributors who have the task of delivering the support to the end-user."

As its opening event Spectro (Asia-Pacific) held a Distributors Meeting in Hong Kong at the end of April. Attended by delegates from all Spectro‘s Distributors in the region this meeting provided an ideal opportunity to discuss the new support structure and also to look at some of the new instruments in Spectro‘s range.

Spectro (Asia-Pacific) regional Sales Manager, Alfons Terheiden, said: "With the acquisition of new companies and the introduction of new products, Spectro‘s range of analytical solutions is expanding rapidly. This meeting was the ideal opportunity to present the new range to our Distributors. From low cost to high performance, high through-put to specialized applications, shop-floor to research lab, Spectro has developed a line of instruments and techniques that spans a huge range of industries and applications. With the new support from Hong Kong and in partnership with our Distributors, Spectro‘s presence in the region is growing and will become a dominant force in the analytical instrument market here".

Spectro Analytical Instruments is a leading provider of Quality Solutions in the field of elemental analysis through the design, manufacture and application development of state of the art Spectrometers and process control systems for a wide range of industries and customers. Since its founding 20 years ago, Spectro has developed internationally into the industry innovator in XRF and Optical Emission Spectrometry with more than 14,000 systems sold world-wide.

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