RIGAKU and SPECTRO extend strategic alliance

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Kleve, April 4, 2000. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments - Kleve, Germany and RIGAKU Corporation - Tokyo, Japan, announce a further strengthening of the ties between the two companies. Manfred Bergsch, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing for SPECTRO stated. "This expansion of the agreement between our two companies was discussed and concluded during the Pittsburgh conference where we jointly decided to realize the further complementary potential of our product lines."

Under the terms of the agreement RIGAKU will add SPECTRO's advanced Glow Discharge Analyzers to the existing arrangement which was signed in 1998 to cover SPECTRO's ICP range and to which ED-XRF was added in 1999. SPECTRO's GDA depth profiling analyzers include the High-End GDA 750 and the versatile, entry level CCD based GDA 150.

Bergsch added: "This is an important event for SPECTRO. Not only in the significant access to the Japanese market afforded to our products with a renown partner such as RIGAKU, but equally as a further sign of the cooperation and mutual trust our two companies have been able to build on over the past two years."

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