SPECTRO announces the release of the new SPECTRO CIROS M CCD-ICP

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Kleve, August 15, 2001. Specially designed for laboratories which do not require the extended VUV performance of the SPECTRO CIROSTM 120/160 series ICPs, the SPECTRO CIROS M offers high-end CCD performance at an affordable price. For those considering the purchase or replacement of an AA or a sequential ICP, SPECTRO now offers the smart alternative: The SPECTRO CIROS M.

Unlike low-cost hybrid CCD ICPs, the SPECTRO CIROS M optical system does not contain any moving parts. Element determination is performed simultaneously: The short analysis time per sample is independent from the number of elements measured. Compared to AA, sequential or hybrid CCD ICPs, sample throughput can be substantially increased saving thousands of dollars per year in operating costs.

Key highlights:

SPECTRO's UVPlus system enables the measurement of the most sensitive UV lines (Phosphorus and Sulphur) without the added cost of purge gases.
Complete wavelength coverage from 175 nm to 770 nm.
Total reprocessing of the results. The entire spectrum is captured with each analysis; additional lines and elements can be evaluated later if required.
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