SPECTRO announces the release of the SPECTRO XEPOS Low Sulfur XRF Analyzer

Friday, August 31, 2001

Kleve, August 31, 2001. The new SPECTRO XEPOS Low Sulfur Analyzer provides a detection limit of less than 1 ppm (µg/g) for Sulfur in fuels. Employing SPECTRO's proprietary polarized excitation geometry, a factor 10 improvement in sensitivity is realized compared to conventional EDXRF. Better signal to background ratios and, most importantly, shorter measurement times are achieved.

The benchtop SPECTRO XEPOS Low Sulfur Analyzer comes equipped with specially designed sample cups that eliminate the possibility of contamination or leakage. A unique sampling system allows safe sample input without having to shut down the x-ray source - saving time and ensuring long term precision of results.

Unlike WDXRF and UV technology, the SPECTRO XEPOS Low Sulfur Analyzer:

Is simple and easy to operate and does not require specially trained operators.
Calibrations exhibit excellent long term stability.
Requires virtually no maintenance.
Is not influenced by differences in sample density and viscosity.
Does not require special air conditioning.
Since it's founding in 1979, SPECTRO has developed internationally into an industry innovator in XRF and Optical Emission Spectroscopy. SPECTRO instruments can be found in a diverse variety of environments and applications ranging from aerospace laboratories to automated and on-line processing in steel or petrochemical facilities.
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