The SPECTRO Mobile/Portable Metals Analyzer division announces record sales in Y2K

Thursday, January 4, 2001

Kleve, January 4, 2001. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announced record sales of the mobile/portable metals analyzer division products for the year 2000. With over 300 mobile/portable metal analyzer instruments sold worldwide, which represents a 30% increase in unit sales over 1999, Spectro has set a new benchmark and now commands an estimated 65% market share in the mobile/portable optical emission spectrometer business.

Mr. Manfred Bergsch, Managing Director, commented, “SPECTRO has improved an already impressive market share position in the OES mobile/portable spectrometer business. We will now concentrate on expanding the market size with the introduction of our low-cost, hand-held, SPECTROSORT CCD metal analyzer.”

SPECTRO launched the SpectroSORT CCD at the ISRI convention in Las Vegas last year. With several patents applied for, the SPECTROSORT CCD is the world’s only hand-held, battery powered, non-radioactive, metal analyzer available on the market. With a price that matches it’s size, Spectro is now able to enter markets where price and true portability requirements had been the prohibitive issues.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments designs, manufactures and markets, state of the art spectrometers and process control solutions for a wide range of customers and applications. Since its founding 22 years ago, SPECTRO has developed internationally into the industry innovator in Optical Emission and XRF spectroscopy with more than 16,000 instruments installed worldwide.

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