SPECTRO announces availability of new brochure for the CIROS CCD line of CCD-ICP systems

Thursday, July 5, 2001

Spectrometer company obtains extraordinary record

Kleve, July 5, 2001. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading manufacturer and distributor of analytical spectrometers worldwide, releases a new, 16 page brochure on its state-of-the art CCD-ICP technology and the SPECTRO CIROS CCD system.

This 4-color brochure highlights SPECTRO's patented OPI (Optical Plasma Interface) technology, which combines the sensitivity of axial viewing with the freedom from matrix interference, and its patented Circular Optical System, which eliminates weaknesses and restrictions traditionally associated with Echelle-based systems.

The SPECTRO CIROS CCD is a CCD based ICP unit that can cover the entire wavelength range from 125 nm to 770 nm and offers true simultaneous measurement of the entire spectrum with total spectra re-processing capability.

Additionally, the brochure describes SPECTRO's SmartAnalyzer™ software in detail, showing ease of use and flexibility in resolving complex analytical tasks. Other elements highlighted in the brochure include method development, re-processing of spectral data, and complete automation through easy-to-operate desk top menus.

Since its founding in 1979, SPECTRO has developed internationally into an industry innovator in XRF and Optical Emission Spectroscopy. SPECTRO instruments can be found in a diverse variety of environments and applications ranging from aerospace laboratories to automated and on-line processing in steel or petrochemical facilities.

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