SPECTRO announces availability of new demonstration CD featuring new technology in XRF analysis

Monday, July 2, 2001

Spectrometer company obtains extraordinary record

Kleve, July 2, 2001. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading manufacturer and distributor of analytical spectrometers worldwide, releases a new CD demonstration titled "New Technology in XRF Analysis". The CD offers a complete overview of SPECTRO's XRF technology, particularly highlighting the features and benefits of the SPECTRO's XEPOS and X-LAB 2000 spectrometers.

Capable of analyzing a wide variety of samples in powder, liquid and solid forms, the SPECTRO XRF units can be used for analysis in many industries including plastics, chemical, petrochemical, geological, pharmaceutical, ceramics, mineralogical, power generation, slags and waste.

The SPECTRO XEPOS is the first benchtop analyzer to combine high performance, simultaneous measurement and high sensitivity for all elements from Sodium to Uranium. The SPECTRO X-LAB 2000 combines the precise analysis and flexibility of wavelength dispersive systems with the speed of simultaneous analysis. Both systems are fast, simple to operate, and feature the use of polarization for excitation of the sample. Polarization significantly reduces background disturbances allowing the detection system to process more fluoresence radiation from the sample elements being analyzed.

In addition, the CD demonstrates the clarity and ease of the database used for XRF operation. This program includes a glossary of XRF technology, and an easy user interface available in several languages.

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