SPECTRO Releases New Technology Report: Vacuum Ultraviolet Wavelength (VUV) Coverage using the SPECTRO CIROS CCD ICP

Monday, November 5, 2001

Kleve, November 5, 2001. In this report SPECTRO details the analytical advantages of VUV (125-190 nm) wavelength coverage, using the SPECTRO CIROS CCD, for the determination of a number of elements. A comprehensive listing of detection limits, comparing the VUV lines with traditional lines is included along with a description of spectral interferences that can be avoided by using element wavelengths from this region.

SPECTRO's recirculating gas filled optical system, UV PLUS, overcomes the traditional problems and high operating costs associated with gas flushed and vacuum optical systems - previously the only methods for preparing the optic chamber atmosphere to avoid wavelength absorption below 190 nm. No extra purge gas is required or waiting for the optic to purge. In addition, no contamination of the optical surfaces from vacuum pump hydrocarbon back streaming is possible.

The SPECTRO CIROS CCD is the only ICP spectrometer available that provides complete, simultaneous, wavelength coverage from 125-770 nm without the requirement of additional consumable gases. A complete spectrum is recorded in just 3 seconds and the entire spectrum is stored in a file smaller than 200 Kbytes. Because the complete spectrum is always measured, a new analysis - to determine additional elements of interest - is not required.

Since it's founding in 1979, SPECTRO has developed internationally into an industry innovator in XRF and Optical Emission Spectroscopy. SPECTRO instruments can be found in a diverse variety of environments and applications ranging from aerospace laboratories to automated and on-line processing in steel or petrochemical facilities.

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