SPECTRO Analytical Instruments Inc and Varian Joint Press Release on ICP Patent Case

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Kleve, September 5, 2001. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc. and Varian Inc. are pleased to announce that they have settled the pending patent litigation between their respective companies. The settlement grants Varian a fully paid-up license to use the optical plasma interface technology covered by SPECTRO's patent in inductively coupled plasma spectrometers. SPECTRO and Varian have agreed to maintain the other terms of the settlement as confidential.

Both companies are pleased to have resolved the litigation under mutually agreeable terms that allow them to redirect their energies and resources to developing new innovative products and meeting the needs of their customers.

"SPECTRO brought this suit to protect its patent rights in this innovative technology. I believe we have achieved our objectives through this settlement," stated Tom Blades, Chief Executive Officer of SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc.

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