SPECTRO Analytical Instruments Introduces New Low Sulfur Analyzer Designed to Meet Global Regulations for the Petrochem Industry

Monday, September 17, 2001

Kleve, September 17, 2001. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading manufacturer and distributor of analytical instruments, introduces its new 682-LS™ Low Sulfur Analyzer for on-line analysis. This smart system allows users to remotely self diagnose sulfur levels with an interface to control the system that allows constant monitoring. Ideal for petrochemical applications, SPECTRO's on-line analyzer also offers remote calibration and parameter verification.

The 682-LS Low Sulfur System is inexpensive to maintain, simple to operate, and features a detection range of 0-30 ppm +/- 1ppm at 15 ppm, providing excellent accuracy.

SPECTRO's Low Sulfur System can be interfaced to serial highway, and is capable of talking with any DCS, PLC system. It meets all industry standards and is Class I, Division I safety certified.

In addition, SPECTRO offers a complete line of on-line sulfur analyzers for low, mid, and high range pressures, and a complete line of various bench top analyzers for use in the R & D or process lab.

Since its founding in 1979, SPECTRO has developed internationally into an industry innovator in XRF and Optical Emission Spectroscopy. SPECTRO instruments can be found in a diverse variety of environments and applications ranging from aerospace laboratories to automated and on-line processing in steel or petrochemical facilities.

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