New Informational CD-ROM from SPECTRO: X-Ray-Fluorescence Technologies and Applications in Petrochemistry

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Kleve, July 8, 2002. The gratis CD-ROM developed by SPECTRO especially for the field of petrochemical elemental analysis informs users about the potential applications and advantages of X-ray-fluorescence analysis in the production and processing of raw materials, intermediate, and final petrochemical products. Beginning with basic measurement principles and including detailed descriptions of special applications, like the detection of sulfur in fuel in the lower ppm (µg/g) range via polarization technology, the well-designed CD contains easily accessible knowledge that reflects the present state of analytical technology.

Practical applications are also an important component of the CD. User reports from renowned companies like TEXACO and BRITISH AIRWAYS inform about the application as well as the performance capabilities of X-ray-fluorescence analysis in on-site use.

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