25000th Diffraction Grating manufactured by SPECTRO being used in India

Thursday, November 28, 2002

As the worldwide leading supplier of optical emission spectrometers for the elemental analysis of a wide range of materials, SPECTRO decided more than 10 years ago to build its own holographic grating production facility. This step forward eliminated the dependency on the small number of suppliers of these decisive optical components and allowed SPECTRO to completely determine and control the quality of the “heart” of a spectrometer.

SPECTRO has since become the largest producer of these special gratings in the world. More than 20 different models, with resolutions ranging from 1200 to 3600 grooves per millimeter, are currently being produced. The 25000th grating finished production a few weeks ago. It has a diameter of 64.5 millimeters and more than 2900 grooves per millimeter. It was integrated in the benchtop metal analyzer SPECTROMAX manufactured for the Indian foundry Century NF Castings. Mr. Volker Dreisbach, Sales Director at SPECTRO, presented a replica of this grating to Mr. Mohan Agarwal, Executive Director of Century NF Castings, at a ceremony held in Surajkund, India.

Century NF Castings is located in Faridabad in the Indian province of Haryana. Founded in 1986, Century NF Castings employs 540 and produces aluminum and zinc alloy castings. The recently installed CCD-based SPECTROMAX is actually the third SPECTRO instrument to be installed at Century NF Castings.

The first instrument, in 1995, was a SPECTROLAB used for process control. A SPECTROPORT for sorting the incoming metal scrap followed in 1998. The recently installed SPECTROMAX expands the possibilities for analysis and covers all previous and future analytical requirements.

SPECTRO currently has more than 18000 spectrometers installed throughout the world. Approximately 350 of those are being used in India, where sales and service are carried out by UNISPEC Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and its network of ten agencies located throughout the country.

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