SPECTRO X-LAB 2000: Setting the benchmark for high sensitivity energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF)

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Kleve, Germany -- July, 2003

Instrument design
The new SPECTRO X-LAB 2000 is equipped with a 400 W Pd end window X- ray tube. The excitation radiation is optimized using various polarization and secondary targets, the spectral background is reduced by up to an order of magnitude. As detection system a state-of-the-art high resolution Si(Li) semiconductor detector is selected due its excellent sensitivity for low and high energies at the same time. With this it is possible to analyze traces as well as majors in a wide range of applications very precisely. The optimized instrument design is supported by unique integrated software and is accepted as the benchmark for high sensitivity EDXRF.

End window tube
The Pd taget end window tube allows to use the low energy radiation for excitation of the light elements such as Na- Cl.

Polarized excitation reduces the background in the spectrum, which is created by scattering the excitation radiation at the sample. In comparison to a standard setup this background is reduced and the reachable detection limits are drastically lower.

Si(Li) detection systems allow the analysis of low and high energy fluorescence radiation at the same time. The resolution at a level of < 155 eV for Mn Ka is one of the charcteristics of this system. The new detection systems in the X-Lab 2000 show an improved signal-to-shelf and signal-to-tail ratio by a factor of 2-5. This especially is beneficial for the analysis of trace element contents next to high concentration element fluorescence lines.

The universal X-Lab 2000 especially is used in those applications, where with little sample preparation a large number of elemental concentrations need to be determined. The element range covers all elements from Na- U. The unique data processing algorithms allow an analysis without any further input of sample matrix. For many elements LODs in the range of less than 1 mg/kg are reached.

Typically the instrument is used for environmental samples ( filters, soil, sludges ) as well as in the recycling industry. It also often is used in geological applications as well as in pharmaceuticals%u2019 process control.

Using polarized excitation radiation together with a Pd target end window tube gives the advantage of a high sensitivity analysis of the element range Na- U in a wide range of matrices. The Si(Li) semiconductor detector with improved characteristics together with the analyzer software fit together to a instrument, which is regarded as the benchmark in high sensitivity EDXRF.

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