Latest Versions of Low-Cost, General Purpose ED-XRF Transportable Spectrometers Make Their Debut At PITTCON Show

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Kleve, Germany -- March, 2003 -- SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading global supplier of spectrometers, has introduced the latest models in its 200T Series of compact, general-purpose analyzers. Featuring exceptionally easy operation and the latest ergonomic design standards, the 200T Series XRF spectrometers are used for both qualitative and quantitative non-destructive analysis of liquids, solids, powders, pastes, slurries, films, coatings, and many other materials.

Despite their compact size and low price, 200T Series analyzers offer both precision and high reliability, even when operated by non-technical staff with no special training. To start the measurement, the operator simply presses the ANALYZE key. The unit’s menu-oriented software automatically runs the measurement and initiates a printout of the results on the built-in printer. Sample preparation time is negligible, and the results are available within seconds.

For easy transportability, the 200T Series can be optionally powered by a power inverter. In addition, they are configured with the optimal x-ray tube and proportional counter to ensure the best performance possible for the price. Other features include:

  • Optional tunable technology to permit optimum excitation of selected elements
  • Automatic stabilization to eliminate drift and ensure smooth operation
  • Standardization feature to reduce calibration frequency
  • Data logging and Networking software.
  • Optional Sample Spinner for analyzing non-homogeneous samples
  • Optional Helium Purge for optimum light element performance
Models for petroleum analysis, sulfur analysis, wood preservation, etc.
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