At GIFA 2003: SPECTROLAB - the Next Generation

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Kleve, Germany -- April, 2003 -- 2003 High-tech on wheels: SPECTRO has sent a rolling ICP laboratory on a European tour. On board the VW light truck, there is a complete and fully functional SPECTRO CIROSCCD ICP spectrometer. The bus is partially following a set road show tour, but it can also be requested by those interested in a free demonstration. SPECTRO already operates a bus for its X-ray fluorescence analyzers.

The laboratory buses allow SPECTRO to present more flexibility to its customers. The instrument will also be demonstrated at schools and institutions of higher learning – with the idea of promoting science. Tom Milner, Marketing Director at SPECTRO: "The laboratory buses are an ideal complement to customer events and live demonstrations at our Regional Headquarters in Germany and our European subsidiaries and branch offices.“

Relaying practice-oriented information

Outfitted with the SPECTRO CIROSCCD and all of the necessary equipment, the laboratory bus is capable of performing measurements on a wide variety of real-world samples, from wastewater to used oil. While the bus is unique, SPECTRO has already sold more than 500 SPECTRO CIROSCCD ICPs since it was introduced on the market three years ago. The spectrometer is used in a broad range of industries requiring elemental analysis and distinguishes itself by a series of high-performance product features. The broad spectral range (125-770nm) of the patented optical system allows the simultaneous and sensitive determination of all chemical elements contained in a sample. In actual operation, up to 1000 samples can be processed per day with an auto sampler, which means a considerable increase in efficiency and thus cost reduction for the user. The instrument control computer offers unlimited possibilities for on-site processing of the measurement results with the new "Smart Analyzer Vision" operating software.

Uniquely robust

With its 360 kilograms (792 lbs.) pressing down on the axles of the laboratory bus, the SPECTRO CIROSCCD is actually meant to be a stationary instrument. Henk Visser, European Regional Center Manager of ICP Sales & Service Support: "With the laboratory bus we are not just close to the customers, we also present clear proof that the instrument is uniquely robust.“

Founded in 1979, SPECTRO develops, manufactures and distributes state-of-the-art ICP, XRF and Arc/Spark spectrometers. Within each product line, SPECTRO markets an extensive selection of instruments: from the niche specific to multi-purpose laboratory and on-line models. Adaptable and innovative, SPECTRO instruments are found in a variety of environments including metals and aerospace industries, agronomy, quality control, environmental, and research oriented activities such as Pharmaceutical.

SPECTRO - the global leader in Optical Emission and XRF Spectroscopy, is a multinational company committed to innovation, instrumentation support and service. SPECTRO has shipped over 19,000 instruments to customers throughout the world. SPECTRO is committed to producing advanced products, better and more diverse solutions, and providing an unparalleled support infrastructure.

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