Convincing Results: 100th SPECTROTEST sold to Benteler Stahl/Rohr GmbH

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Kleve, September 2003. Only 9 months after the premier of the all-new SPECTROTEST at the MTQ expo late last year, the 100th system is ready to be shipped. The SPECTROTEST, which redefines on-site metal analysis, will be delivered to Benteler Stahl/Rohr GmbH in Paderborn, Germany. Benteler Stahl/Rohr GmbH manufacturers steel tubes used by the automotive and boiler-making industries, and is a leading innovator within their industry. The SPECTROTEST will be used for 100% Q.C., pass/fail sorting, of steel tubes prior to shipping.

Mr. Murk, Q.C. Manager at Benteler Stahl/Rohr GmbH explained why they chose the new SPECTROTEST: „We’ve been using SPECTROTESTs for years now. With the new SPECTROTEST new functions are available that make analyzing even more efficient. The customer support is also very reliable, another important reason why we felt confident choosing SPECTRO.”

23 years ago, SPECTRO caused a sensation with the presentation of SPECTROTEST: the world's first truly mobile metal analyzer. SPECTROTEST changed the market for analysis instruments and established the name of SPECTRO as a leader in innovation. For more than 20 years SPECTROTEST remained, not counting facelifts and improvements in details, a competitive product that set standards and created new language for the market. "'Spectrotesting' has become the term for mobile metal analysis.

The all new SPECTROTEST features the proprietary Logic-System ICAL that monitors and controls the state of the instrument independent from external influences. It is sufficient to measure a single control sample, which gives the user the benefit of significantly increased instrument uptime at the lowest operating costs. The system offers the same advantages for measuring changing alloys: conventional industrial spectrometers sometimes require up to five samples and a corresponding number of individual measurements before the metal analyzer is set-up for a new alloy group. With the new function "APF Plus" (Automatic Program Finder) one measurement is sufficient: the system automatically recognizes the matrix and loads the most suitable program. Only SPECTROTEST has this function, that automatically selects the optimum parameters for the testing requirement at hand.

For the measurement, in addition to a standard spark probe for metal analysis, which can also be used for the determination of carbon, there is also a special probe with integrated UV optics. This allows the determination of the elements phosphor, sulfur, boron, and tin content in alloys. With only one charge of the battery installed in the trolley, several hundred measurements are possible.

SPECTRO – international leader in the field of optical emissions and X-ray-fluorescence spectrometry with over 19,000 installed instruments – is a multinational company, for which innovation, instrument care, and customer service are focal points. SPECTRO’s goal is to produce future-oriented instruments, to develop the best solutions for the most diverse uses, and to ensure exemplary customer service.

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