TÜV Certificate Declares SPECTRO to be an Eco Friendly Company

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Proof of ecologically sensitive production – An important certificate for the automobile industry; valid for three years

Kleve - Germany, December 22, 2004. The TÜV Industrial Service GmbH (Technical Monitoring Association Industrial Service Ltd.) certified SPECTRO, worldwide leader in the production of analytical instruments for optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, as an “eco friendly company”. Certification encompasses all actions in the areas of development, procurement, manufacture and logistics as well as in sales, installation, repairs, maintenance and calibration of analytical instruments.

“SPECTRO releases neither large amounts of waste water nor other environmentally damaging emissions,” explains quality manager Wolfgang Schoemakers, responsible for the coordination of SPECTRO’s certification. “We still decided for the certification. After all, environmental analysis is one of our most important business areas. Our customers are confronted daily with questions as to ecological sensitivity. They can expect environmentally sound production and economics from us.” An additional reason: As the manufacturer of analytical instruments, SPECTRO supplies many industrial branches in which the customers demand an environmental certificate. Schoemakers: “Especially the automobile industry reminds us increasingly of our duties. Like every other supplier, we must be able to prove to the automobile manufacturer that our company produces according to ecological standards.” SPECTRO can now verify this until 2007, and then they must be certified again.


The certification is voluntary, however it requires a great deal of preparation. SPECTRO worked together with the TÜV Industry Service GmbH to develop a list of the individual business activities and to compare these with current environmental legislation. “It was immediately obvious that the two lists could be easily harmonized. The production was already largely in agreement with legal expectations,” reports Shoemakers. Several aspects of the company were, however, optimized during certification. “We now deal with issues such as waste matter assessment , hazardous material documentation or current guidelines for the handling of cooling water better according to the TÜV guidelines.”

After having finished with preparations, the certification took place within the framework of an audit in which the TÜV examined the operational environmental protection at SPECTRO in Kleve. SPECTRO passed the hearing with no objections and is able to use the title “eco friendly company” for the next three years. Schoemakers: “For us, this certification is an official confirmation that we, as a responsible company, always consider the ecological consequences of our actions.”


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