SPECTRO Application Note documents on-line analysis of ultra-low concentrations of sulfur in diesel fuel

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Kleve - Germany, June 17, 2004. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Inc., a leading global supplier of analytical instruments and systems, has released a new Application Note that documents a simple, cost-effective method of analyzing diesel fuel to determine the presence of ultra-low concentrations of sulfur. The Note summarizes the results of long-term tests conducted using the company’s Model 682P-EC Pyro-Electrochemical On-Line Sulfur Analyzer. In addition to quick response time and excellent precision, the results showed negligible drift when the analyzer was operated unattended for periods of up to 26 straight days.

Precision and stability of operation are of significance importance when determining the presence of sulfur during the fuel production process. By providing an accurate, stable analysis of sulfur content, the Model 682P-EC gives operations personnel a reliable means of ensuring that the diesel fuel produced contains the appropriate amount of sulfur as required by governmental emission regulations. The Model 682P-EC was selected to perform the tests because of its exceptional sensitivity and long-term stability. The “Pyro-Electrochemical” method conforms to ASTM Standard D 6428 and is the EPA designated Test Method for ultra low levels of sulfur in diesel fuels.


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