SPECTRO Introduces New Handheld Analyzer At Pittcon

Monday, March 8, 2004

XRF Unit Offers Low Price, Quick On-site Results, and Outstanding Performance
Austin, TX – March 8, 2004. SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading global supplier of analyzers for industrial and academic use, has introduced a new handheld X-ray Fluorescence analyzer designed to provide users quick on-site results, operating simplicity, and unlimited portability, all at an attractive initial purchase price. The new SPECTRO Atlas analyzer features rugged construction, ergonomic design, and light weight (approximately 3.8 lbs.). Handheld XRF analyzers offer one of the simplest and most economical on-site methods of determining the presence of specified elements in a wide variety of samples. They are non-destructive to the sample, reliable in operation, and require no sample preparation.

The SPECTRO Atlas analyzer uses a single radioisotope X-ray source, ensuring that the measurement is virtually unaffected by interference from background radiation. In addition, a sample-sensing X-ray safety interlock helps guarantee reliable performance, even under difficult environmental conditions. The unit’s one-click operation provides quantitative on-site readout of the specified elements in as little as 10 seconds.

Operation of the SPECTRO Atlas analyzer is simple and intuitive. The operator first places the detecting probe adjacent to the sample and then pulls the trigger. The unit’s Windows-CE PDA-driven software takes over from there. Then, once the analysis is completed, the operator can view the results in real time or download them to a PC either via infrared wireless or interchangeable memory stick technology. The SPECTRO Atlas’ advanced, low-power miniature electronics allow battery-powered operation for up to 10 hours. The batteries can be recharged inside or outside of the analyzer. Maintenance is minimal, and virtually no user training is required. Applications include testing flame retardants in fabrics, upholstery and garments, Cl in rubber, As in recycled wood along with the ability to develop single-element custom applications.


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