SPECTRO launches industry's fastest ICP spectrometer

Monday, March 8, 2004

New generation SPECTRO CIROS VISION CCD system offers unique optical system to further enhance chemical elemental analysis
Kleve, Germany – March 8, 2004. SPECTRO will launch its next generation, high performance CIROS VISION ICP-OES CCD optical emission spectrometer at Pittcon 2004, 8-11 March in Chicago , USA . The new SPECTRO CIROS VISION ICP system is the most powerful, flexible and fastest ICP spectrometer in the world today and is the only system with a broad emission range to enable complete chemical elemental analysis. New highlight features and functionality include a significantly faster readout system, an improved Plasma Interface, improved capabilities for unattended control, and a brand new software platform.

The new generation SPECTRO CIROS VISION ICP delivers a comprehensive range of new benefits to users including:

new readout system - increases data processing speeds by a factor of ten, enabling real time standardization without loss of dynamic range, further improving precision and stability for the analysis of higher concentrations
enhanced Plasma Interface - easier to handle and maintain while giving higher linearity
optimized fluid paths - yielding shorter analysis times
high sample throughput and 24 hour continuous operation - extended control mechanisms, email alert function, and installation of WebCams for observation of the plasma offer excellent monitoring and diagnosis tools for unattended operation
SMART ANALYZER VISION software platform - compliant to US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, the new 32-bit application offers unique reprocessing capabilities that enable elements to be added, method parameters to be edited and changed, even methods created and previously measured samples analyzed
"Over the last 25 years, optical emission spectrometers with ICP excitation sources have become an indispensable tool for chemical elemental analysis. Since the introduction of its first ICP, SPECTRO has managed to continuously set performance benchmarks and a fter more than 700 installations worldwide, we continue to lead the market ," commented Tom Milner , Director, Product Management at SPECTRO Analytical Instruments. " With the introduction of this next generation solution, we have added new functionality in the areas of precision, stability, linearity, ergonomics, robustness and automation. These developments have enabled us to create the most powerful, flexible, and fastest ICP the world has ever seen."


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