New SPECTROMAXx spectrometer sets new standard for rapid analysis of all common elements in metals

Friday, November 19, 2004

  • Measures Steel Nitrogen content to 20 parts per million
  • Reduces Argon costs by 40-60 per cent
  • Higher speed and sample throughput to address increased capacity requirements in the metals industry
Kleve - Germany, November 9, 2004. SPECTRO, the global leader in Optical Emission and XRF Spectroscopy, has launched SPECTROMAXx, a next generation spectrometer that sets the standard for the rapid analysis of all common elements in metals. Replacing the previous SPECTROMAX system, the new solution is faster, more precise, offers increased flexibility and requires less maintenance. 
SPECTROMAXx analyses Nitrogen levels in steel down to a level of 20ppm. The solution features an Argon Saver Mode to reduce Argon costs by 40–60 per cent, dependent on sample throughput. ICAL, SPECTRO’s proven intelligent calibration logic, is also fitted as standard to monitor system integrity and eliminate the need for recalibration samples. In addition, a unique readout system shaves valuable seconds off the analysis time – improving analysis precision – while SPECTROMAXx also features an expanded element selection and expanded calibration ranges.

Ergonomic design

  • SPECTROMAXx is available as either a bench top unit or floor unit to cater for flexible work-flow and space requirements
  • Offers fast access to service/maintenance points
  • Designed for comfortable operation at high sample throughput rates

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