New low cost, high performance XRF analyzer from SPECTRO offers technologically driven simplicity

Monday, February 28, 2005

Specific application packages available for analysis of sulfur in fuels, additives in oil, cement, slags and refractories / ASTM, ISO, CEN and EI compliant


February 28, 2005 – SPECTRO, the global leader in Optical Emission and XRF Spectroscopy, has announced the launch of SPECTRO iQ, a new polarized XRF analyzer for the multi-element analysis of solids, powders and liquids. For many applications the new solution is SPECTRO’s most sensitive polarized XRF analyzer and offers enhanced levels of performance at a more attractive price than previous models for applications where high precision and accuracy are needed for process control purposes. The all new C-Force optics deliver levels of sensitivity f or elements like Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S and Cl, never experienced with EDXRF spectrometers before.

Specific SPECTRO iQ packages are available for the analysis of additives in oils, cement, slags and refractories as well as a 'low S’ version of SPECTRO iQ for the analysis of low sulfur in fuels. The ‘low S’ version of SPECTRO iQ has a detection limit for sulfur in fuels of less than 1ppm and provides a complete and simultaneous analysis of all other critical and relevant elements.

Other features include:

  • For ease of use, SPECTRO iQ features a new unique ’method wizard’ to take the operator through the analyzing process step-by-step. This enables companies to widen the amount of employees able to use SPECTRO iQ within their organization. The wizard also makes it extremely simple for an organization to build a new analysis method
  • A close relative of the SPECTRO XEPOS solution, SPECTRO iQ offers a smaller in size, more sensitive bench-top analyzer for space limited environments

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