A Sidelong Glance Into The Plasma: SPECTRO GENESIS SOP Helps Industrial Companies Manage Elemental Analysis Tasks

February 13, 2006

  • User friendly and inexpensive ICP OES for simultaneous element determination
  • Radial Plasma Observation for the precise and accurate determination of medium to high contents
  • Package of methods for industrial applications (waste water, soils, sludge, wear metals/additives in oil) available
  • Rapid, accurate and user friendly alternative to Flame Atomic Absorption

KLEVE, GERMANY, February 13, 2006 – SPECTRO Analytical Instruments will introduce the new SPECTRO GENESIS SOP (Side-On-Plasma) with radial plasma observation at the Pittcon 2006 Conference on March 13th.

The optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma excitation (ICP-OES) records the entire spectrum between 175 and 777 nm, enabling the simultaneous determination of more than 70 elements. Based on similar technology as the SPECTRO GENESIS EOP introduced in 2005, the SPECTRO GENESIS SOP utilizes an alternative transfer optic with radial observation of the plasma.

“The observation volume is smaller for radial observation of the plasma,” explains Olaf Schulz, Product Manager for ICP at SPECTRO. “The detection limits are not quite as low as for the EOP model of the instrument, but it makes up for this with a larger matrix tolerance: The instrument is much more precise for medium to high contents – from the lower ppm to the percent range.”

The SPECTRO GENESIS SOP is designed to meet the requirements of industrial users. Typical applications include the examination of industrial waste water, the analysis of wear metals and additives in oils, and examination of soils and sludge in the agricultural industry. The instrument also can be used within the chemical industry to examine saline solutions or organic samples, for which axial plasma observation would not deliver satisfying results. Also currently available are the first packet of methods for use with the SPECTRO GENESIS SOP.

“The SPECTRO GENESIS SOP provides an excellent alternative for industrial laboratories that, until now, have performed analyses with the Flame Atomic Absorption (FAA) technology,” notes Tom Milner, Marketing Manager for SPECTRO. “Although the systems are comparably priced, the GENESIS SOP simultaneously records the entire spectrum; making it much more efficient, and, in contrast to an FAA instrument, can be run attended without risk.”


The SPECTRO GENESIS EOP, introduced at the Pittcon 2005 Conference, is an ICP OES that utilizes the patented Optical Plasma Interface (OPI) for axial observation of the plasma. The SPECTRO GENESIS EOP reliably analyzes even the lowest of contents in the ppb range. The instrument is ideally suited for the field of environmental analysis; spefically the determination as to whether or not limits for toxic elements have been exceeded or to conduct analyses of those elements.


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