New Low-cost, Compact Polarized XRF Benchtop Analyzer

March 13, 2006

Kleve, Germany – March 13, 2006 – SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a unit of AMETEK, Inc. and a global leader in XRF spectroscopy, has announced the launch of the PHOENIX II benchtop polarized XRF analyzer. The instrument is ideal for elemental analysis of liquids, solids and powders for measuring Mg through U.

The PHOENIX II is a low-cost, benchtop XRF spectrometer with a compact footprint designed for use in the rugged environment of production process and quality control as well as in the laboratory. Its on-board PC makes use of Windows™ operating system along with a simple, intuitive touch-screen display, making analysis easy for non-technical operators but advanced enough for the more-experienced user as well.

The PHOENIX II combines a 48kV tube and polarized source x-rays with a rugged gas-filled proportional counter detection system, giving the PHOENIX II improved performance for the measurement of low atomic number elements such as Mg, Al and Si as well as S and Cl. The prop counter detector design yields a high x-ray count rate throughput and makes use of x-ray filters to separate the spectral peaks of elements with adjacent atomic numbers.

With its onboard computer, no external computer is needed. The PHOENIX II does not require an external mouse or keyboard, yet offers USB, VGA and Ethernet connections for networking and connecting to external devices. This compact, simple to operate XRF system offers a unique combination of high powered polarized x-rays and a high sample throughput with rugged detector at a very affordable price.


SPECTRO is among the worldwide leaders in analytical instruments for optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. SPECTRO, a unit of AMETEK, Inc., manufactures advanced instruments, develops the best solutions for strongly varying applications and provides exemplary customer service. Innovation, instrument concerns and customer relations are its main activities. From its foundation in 1979 until today, more than 23,000 analytical instruments have been delivered to customers around the world.

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