SPECTRO Informs: Information Package for Environmental Analysis with XRF and ICP Now Available Free of Cost via Internet

November 17, 2006

  • Free information package for environmental laboratories available
  • Application reports, data sheets and other online content
  • Useful tips for the analysis of drinking water, waste water, soil, sewage sludge, filter dust and emissions with ED-XRF and ICP-OES

November 2006, Kleve, Germany - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments offers a free, online information package regarding current requirements and new developments for environmental analysis at www.spectro.com. The online content includes technical data sheets and application reports as to which analytical instruments and methods are best suited for the testing of drinking water, waste water, emissions or soil.

“Many laboratories face continually changing legislation requirements that demand more determinations of limiting values with ever stricter detection limits,” reports Olaf Schulz, Product Manager for ICP-OES at SPECTRO. “Laboratories must quickly incorporate these complex requirements into their lines of work, and as a result, the need for timely advice and support is correspondingly large.”

“By making this information available online at our website, we want to provide information to the laboratories on how these demands for environmental analysis can best be met and what technologies are best suited to meet them,” adds Schulz.

The online information focuses on the typical tasks performed in an environmental laboratory: These include tests for adherence to limiting values in drinking or waste water, in soil, emissions or sludge. SPECTRO’s website offers examples of how these examinations can be conducted with methods such as energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF) or optical emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES). The site demonstrates the use of such products as the SPECTRO GENESIS and SPECTRO CIROS VISION ICP-OES instruments as well as the SPECTRO XEPOS XRF instrument.

For users who need specific information about areas of application in environmental analysis, SPECTRO has prepared a series of application reports that can be requested from its home page. Among the topics included are new case studies dealing with the examination of waste water, sewage sludge and drinking water with the SPECTRO GENESIS. The information package is available at http://www.spectro.com/pages/e/p300005.htm


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