SPECTRO's New SMART ANALYZER VISION ICP-OES Software Offers Improved Automation and Easier Operation

September 21, 2006

Latest Analytical Software for Optical Emission Spectrometers with Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES) Guarantees Optimal Analytical Performance and Simple Unattended Operation

Kleve, Germany – September 21, 2006 – Newly ordered SPECTRO CIROS VISION and SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES spectrometers now include the latest version of Smart Analyzer Vision analytical software.

The current release of the Smart Analyzer Vision software, first introduced in 2003, now has added functions for unattended laboratory operation. The latest version of the software also is equipped with a proprietary spectra-based background correction for extremely high measurement accuracy.

“ICP-OES instruments frequently run unattended. The new Windows XP-based software makes it possible to process test series of different lengths with different methods without supervision,” reports Olaf Schulz, product manager for ICP-OES at SPECTRO. “Programming and control of the test series is so straightforward that even unpracticed personnel can quickly manage the instrument,” he adds.

1,000 Samples per Day without Supervision

SPECTRO’s software development team added two important capabilities to the Smart Analyzer Vision software that comprehensively automates sample processing. It is now possible to assign any number of methods to an automated test series, and the software is now equipped with event-controlled control logic.

“With the new logic, for example, control samples are no longer incorporated into the measurement series. Instead, the operator simply defines that a control sample is to be measured after a given number of sample measurements,” explains Olaf Schulz.

The procedures for what to do when an error occurs and what to do at the beginning and end of the measurement series also are set. Once the logic has been defined, the operator simply enters or copies samples into the list. No additional settings are required. The ICP-OES reliably processes the programmed events.

Having the ability to send event-based messages via e-mail is especially convenient for automatic operation. Possible scenarios include information about the state of the instrument or a message that limiting values had been significantly exceeded during the measurement.

“This makes automatic operation just as safe as supervised operation in the laboratory,” comments Olaf Schultz.

A second automation innovation is the inclusion of an additional driver for autosamplers from other manufacturers. SPECTRO ICP-OES instruments are now able to conduct a test series with up to 1,000 unsupervised measurements.

New Correction Extension for Improved Results

Other highlights of the new Smart Analyzer Vision software include a proprietary “Smart Background Correction,” a spectra-based background correction that easily corrects elemental and molecular interferences and structured backgrounds, and “Intelligent Rinse/Move” functions for control of the autosampler. “Intelligent Rinse” monitors and controls the rinsing procedure between every measurement based on the concentrations. “Intelligent Move” optimizes the movements of the autosampler. This prevents carry-over effects and dramatically reduces sample throughput times.

In addition to functional innovations, the latest version of the Smart Analyzer Vision software features improved performance and more user friendly operation. The data processing speed has increased significantly. Additional settings for data output, configuration and control ensure greater flexibility and easy handling.

The new software further extends our ability to reprocess spectra and measurements,” notes Olaf Schulz. “Our ICP-OES instruments examine and store the entire spectrum for every measurement. This allows users to load stored measurements into different methods and to calculate new results with parameters that have changed.”


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