January 14, 2008

Cross-functional Team Utilizes Advanced Process Improvement Tools to Shorten Production Cycle and Increase Quality
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has been an extremely successful acquisition. Since its acquisition in June 2005, sales have increased more than 40%. It recently dealt with a dramatic increase in global demand for its instruments resulting from the implementation of regulations by the European Union and various Asian countries that restrict the use of certain hazardous materials.

To meet that demand, SPECTRO needed to standardize, simplify and automate a number of complex instrument production and calibration processes quickly. A cross-functional team was formed at its Kleve, Germany, manufacturing facility to speed the production of its XEPOS and SPECTROMAXx spectrometers that are widely used for elemental analysis of metals and a broad range of materials.

The SPECTRO team relied extensively on streamlining production processes and the cross training of colleagues in a variety of functions to achieve a dramatic reduction in product delivery times. The team also developed new processes for the correction of defects and the automatic calibration of its instruments. The resulting improvements allowed SPECTRO to meet the higher demand for its instruments, while delivering a consistently higher quality product in a significantly shorter period of time. Additionally, many of the procedures and tools developed by the team are transferable to other businesses within AMETEK.

SPECTRO team includes Jörg Elbers, Henning Gebhardt, Jutta Geurts, Klaus Görtz, Dr. Joachim Heckel, Stephan Köllmann, Rainer Petry, Wolfgang Schoemakers, Rolf Singendonk, and Rainer Wegenaer.

Established in 1993, the Lux Award honors the late AMETEK Chairman Dr. John H. Lux, who provided 27 years of dedicated leadership to the Company and made numerous contributions to technology, science, engineering, and public service.

Dr. Lux’s inspiration and ingenuity live on through this award, which is presented annually to the AMETEK team that best demonstrates significant accomplishment in Total Quality Management and Operational Excellence.

On behalf of the selection committee, I’d like to recognize all of this year’s Lux Award nominees and thank them for their efforts. Each nominee demonstrated significant team involvement and commitment to our Operational Excellence strategy. That commitment remains one of the core strengths of our Company and a key reason for our continued success.

Frank S. Hermance
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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