"Analysis of Iron and Steel" documents the Performance of the New SPECTROLAB

May 19, 2008

New application for SPECTROLAB generation 2007 can be requested online, free-of-charge
Several test series document detection limits in ppm range and the excellent long-term stability of the instrument
Kleve, May 2008 – The first application report for the new generation of the SPECTROLAB spark spectrometer, “The Analysis of Iron and Steel”, is now available. Together with a description of the instrument components, the 15 page application report contains detailed measurements that document the performance, the detection limits and the long-term stability of the stationary metal analyzer. The application report can be requested free-of-charge at www.spectro.com/lab.

The current generation of the SPECTROLAB has a hybrid optic that can simultaneously process light directly from the spark stand with a maximum of 108 PMT detectors and 22 CCD arrays. With the combination of the two detector technologies, the instrument achieves detection limits that were previously only possible for a spark spectrometer with complicated optional equipment: The new application report uses examples from a test series in which trace elements in iron alloys were examined. In this application, the SPECTROLAB achieved detection limits under 1 mg/kg for Al, B, Ca, Cu and Mo. 

The highlight of the new application report is a long-term study in which SPECTRO tested the long-term stability of the new SPECTROLAB in January 2008: A high alloy iron sample was analyzed several times during a week with the SPECTROLAB. “These seven test series demonstrated extremely stabile results with deviations in a range of just a few thousandths,” explains SPECTRO Product Manager Kay Toedter. After the first test week, Toedter’s team used the SPECTROLAB four weeks long; conducting measurements typical for daily use in a laboratory. More than 1,000 different metal samples were analyzed “without a single standardization,” emphasizes Toedter. After four weeks of laboratory use, the original test series was repeated once again under the same conditions with the original sample. The results illustrate the extraordinary long-term stability of the SPECTROLAB: The deviations in the test series were clearly less than one percent for all of the trace elements. They could be reduced into the thousandth range with a standardization.


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