Record for SPECTROMAXx: Instrument Number 2,500 Goes to Piaggio India

May 15, 2008

Stationary metal analyzer is an international best seller
Kleve, May 2008 – Everyone who has ever been in the Orient or in Africa is familiar with the so-called tuktuks. Used as collective taxis or small transporters, these three wheel companions with a moped motor and pickup-look are everywhere. The owners of tuktuks like to decorate them affectionately so that they often appear to be quite adventurous to drive. But they remain quality products. Piaggio India, the manufacturer, places high emphasis on material control and has recently brought a second SPECTROMAXx stationary metal analyzer into operation. At the same time, this instrument is the 2,500th SPECTROMAXxto be produced by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments in Kleve.

With such a large number of units, this analytical instrument, brought onto the market at the end of 2004, has proven itself to be an international best seller. Manfred Bergsch, CEO of SPECTRO, explains why the instrument is so widely distributed: “The SPECTROMAXx is accurate and fast. At the same time it is simple to operate and just as robust as the tuktuks from our customer Piaggio India.” The 2,500th instrument will be used for incoming control; being run in multiple-shift operation with a sister instrument that has been in place at Piaggio India for a long time. Incoming and outgoing control in metal processing is one of the typical applications for the SPECTROMAXx. The instrument is also used in smelting plants and foundries. 

SPECTROMAXx technology is tailor-made for these purposes. The spectrometer is equipped with a controllable spark excitation source and high performance detectors. The SPECTROMAXx can detect all of the commonly used elements with a very high accuracy for its product class; determining, for example, the nitrogen content in steel down toonly 20 mg/kg. In order to achieve this accuracy, the spectrometer spark stand is equipped with an argon flush. Consumption of this expensive noble gas is reduced by an economy mode. ICAL, the calibration logic from SPECTRO, is a standard component of the instrument. 


SPECTRO is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments for optical emission and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. As a member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division, SPECTRO manufactures advanced instruments, develops the best solutions for strongly varying applications and provides exemplary customer service. Innovation, instrument concerns and customer relations are its main activities. From its foundation in1979 until today, more than 29,000 analytical instruments have been deliveredto customers around the world.

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