New Look for SPECTRO GENESIS: SPECTRO Shows a New Model of the ICP-OES Analyzer at PITTCON

March 8, 2009

Plug & Analyze System offers simultaneous CCD ICP elemental analysis for the price of a sequential system
New Smart Analyzer Vision 4.0 system software improves ease of operation with extensive productivity enhancing functions
Kleve, Chicago, March 08, 2009 – SPECTRO Analytical Instruments premiered an improved variant of the SPECTRO GENESIS at Pittcon 2009 (March 8 to 13, Chicago). The CCD-based ICP-OES price performance leader SPECTRO GENESIS is available with either radial or axial plasma observation.  GENESIS is especially suited to routine yet rigorous environmental and industry elemental analysis applications. It records the element spectrum in the range between 175 and 777 nanometer for every analysis and, with its simultaneous measuring technology, achieves a significantly higher sample throughput than any other instrument in its price class.

New Software Increases Functionality

The most important highlight for the new model: The SPECTRO GENESIS now runs with the new Smart Analyzer Vision 4.0 analytical software, a milestone improvement in ease of operation for the user, including many new options to increase productivity and analytical information transparency. Smart Analyzer Vision 4.0 is completely compatible with Windows Vista and runs with a new, uniquely intuitive, user-friendly interface:  The range of functions have been organized into six subjects: Automatic analysis, manual analysis, spectra viewer, time resolved measuring mode, method development and configuration settings.  “Our users can open the subjects separately and access all of the central instrument functions with a single click of the mouse,” explains Olaf Schulz, Product Manager for ICP-OES at SPECTRO. Features that are not required can be hidden to ensure the simple and intuitive operation. Olaf Schulz promises, “The Smart Analyzer Vision 4.0 software draws on all of the capabilities of Windows. Newcomers can quickly orient themselves to the instrument.”

The change in software brings with it an increase in the functionality of the SPECTRO GENESIS for rapid optimization and integration into high throughput laboratory operations. This includes numerous additional import, sorting, filter and configuration options. Users are now able to streamline, automate and accelerate processes in order to reduce sources of error as well as increase sample throughput. As an example for the extended range of functions Olaf Schulz calls attention to a newly integrated feature for specification testing: “For every measurement, the SPECTRO GENESIS automatically verifies whether or not the analysis is within the given specifications. If not, the analysis is marked accordingly.”

Simplified Method Development

The additional functions streamline the work for users who develop their own methods on the SPECTRO GENESIS. The instrument now includes a function for automatic peak and background positioning. Olaf Schulz clarifies: “Until now, when creating a new method, users had to manually set peak positions. In the long run, this is time-consuming and unnecessary. Users can now automatically set positions with the press of a button. An enormous time saver if you ask me!”  

New Housing Design, Improved Hardware

A series of detail improvements to the SPECTRO GENESIS instrument hardware have been made: The most prominent being the inclusion of the proven and reliable high voltage supply used in the SPECTRO ARCOS, which delivers even more power, reliable operation and increased system stability.


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