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    ICP-OES and XRF spectrometers from SPECTRO are as versatile as the industrial infrastructure and the analytical applications of the entire chemical industry.

    For plant engineering, SPECTRO offers positive material identification equipment, powerful mobile metal analyzers for the testing of everything from individual metallic components to the entire factory installation. These are able to identify and analyze the materials used with the highest precision in the shortest of times.

    During production, they are used to determine the elemental composition of raw materials and additives, for the monitoring and control of production processes, for quality control of stored materials and shipments and many other applications. But which instrument is best suited to your needs? When selecting the right instrument, the requirements for accuracy and speed of the analysis are of key importance. SPECTRO, with its comprehensive range of ICP-OES and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, offers the optimum solution for every application.

    SPECTRO also has the right instrument in its program for the analysis of residues, recovery materials, waste and waste water.


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