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    SPECTRO metal analyzer instruments carry out a wide diversity of analytical tasks for metals analysis.

    The mobile metal analyzer product-line, is especially designed for location-independent use. SPECTRO metal analyzers are used to identify, sort, and analyze metals for incoming inspections, during production processes and before delivery. And that’s not all: SPECTRO metal analyzer instruments also play a major role in scrap yards, for internal recycling, at building sites and in chemical plants.

    Because of their high accuracy, stationary metal analyzers are used for process control in the metal producing industry and for quality control during metal processing as well as in laboratories for research and development.

    Trace metal analysis of industrial waste water and other liquids, such as coating baths, are typical applications for SPECTRO’s ICP spectrometers. They are, however, also utilized for the determination of pure metals and for the lowest of element concentrations in metals.

    For precious metals analysis, such as jewelry or dental alloys, non-destructive SPECTRO XRF spectrometers are most frequently used for analysis. SPECTRO XRF spectrometers are also well suited to many other metals analysis tasks, such as for coatings, the automatic detection of inclusions and impurities or the examination of furnace slag.




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