With the SPECTRO GENESISSPECTROBLUE and SPECTRO ARCOS ICP spectrometers, SPECTRO offers powerful solutions for the analysis of soil and sewage sludge. Controlled by numerous standards and regulations, this is becoming increasingly important, as the contamination of agricultural land has a direct and indirect impact on foodstuffs and drinking water – i.e., provisions for the entire population.

    The SPECTRO XEPOS is also suited to fast, comprehensive analyses of soil samples. Equipped with SPECTRO’s unique TurboQuant software, this especially powerful ED-XRF spectrometer is able to conduct screening analyses for the determination of all elements from Na to U in completely unknown samples.

    In addition to the analysis of soil and sewage sludge, the SPECTRO GENESIS, SPECTROBLUE, SPECTRO ARCOS and SPECTRO XEPOS are also suited to the determination of heavy metals and other undesirable elements in agricultural products.


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