The First of its Kind

The G3 ion detector used in the SPECTRO MS will change mass spectrometry forever: As the first detector in the world to fully simultaneously record the mass spectra for all elements from lithium to uranium, it combines excellent measuring accuracy with unprecedented measurement speed.

The ion detector has over 4,800 channels enough to record approx. 75 elements with approx. 210 isotopes with an average of 20 channels per isotope. Every channel is a combination of two detector arrays with different signal amplifiers. In this way it is possible for the detector to cover 6 orders of magnitude of the working range in a measurement; additional orders of magnitude can be covered using the measuring times.

The integration times are monitored and adjusted per channel by the electronics during the measurement.

Your Advantage

  • Revolutionary Direct Charge Detector fully simultaneously records all elements from lithium to uranium

  • 4,800 channels each with two arrays for highest precision and speed

  • Fast readout for transient signals

  • Automatic adjustment of the integration times per channel during the measurement

  • Large dynamic working range

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