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Its appearance alone sends out a definite signal: The SPECTRO ARCOS is different from conventional ICP-OES. The prominent left side of the instrument houses the unique optical system – a major development with unbeatable resolution, accuracy and stability.

The SPECTRO ARCOS can be outfitted with an interface for either axial or radial plasma observation. The new CCD optic system with a Paschen-Runge mount assembly delivers a matchless resolution of 8.5 picometer in the wavelength range from 130 to 340 nm.

Additional SPECTRO ARCOS strengths include the new, extremely robust, free-running generator with a ceramic tube and solid-state power supply, the low maintenance and economical UV-Plus system for high VUV transparency down to 130 nm, as well as the fast readout system with a dynamic range of eight decades and a transient measuring frequency of up to 10 Hz.

The proprietary ICAL system logic automatically monitors operation of the SPECTRO ARCOS guaranteeing continuous optimum operating conditions.

A high degree of flexibility, clear structure and simple operation characterize the “Smart Analyzer Vision” graphical user interface. Whether defining norm-conforming measurement procedures, quantitatively reprocessing stored spectra or creating measurement methods, operators appreciate the straightforward and easily accessible functions.

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