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For trace element analysis, the SPECTRO iQ IIís sensitivity, precision and speed put it in a class all its own for x-ray fluorescence spectrometers

The sensitivity, precision and speed of an analytical instrument are of particular importance for industrial process control applications and especially for trace element analysis. The SPECTRO iQ already set standards in this respect. The new SPECTRO iQ II maintains this course with further improved technologies and a consequent alignment towards simplicity and dependability of operation.

For many applications the measurement precision of major components and the sensitivity for important trace element analysis place the SPECTRO iQ II into the same performance class as the much more expensive wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. Applications such as trace element analysis, that were previously the domain of these types of instruments, can now be handled using SPECTROís unique energy-dispersive ED-XRF spectrometer technology.

Clarity, simplicity and focus: All hallmarks of the SPECTRO iQ II software. The new graphical user interface displays all important functions for routine operation at a glance. A touch screen can make operation even less complicated and more intuitive.

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