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For trace metal analysis, SPECTROLAB is the metal analyzer developed for your most demanding requirements

For trace element analysis, SPECTROLAB is well established as the metal analyzer of choice in the high performance segment of the metal industry. Its worldwide success in all areas of the industry is based mainly on the analytical function of its core components: source, optic, and readout system. Surpassing its operational potential is nearly impossible. The metal analyzerís flexibility ensures optimal analytical performance in the entire range of metal analysis applications.

Once again, the new SPECTROLAB metal analyzer offers an increase in analytical performance specs. Operation of the instrument has also been simplified with additional functions and a further reduction in maintenance requirements. The fast, efficient, and understandable documentation and storage of measurement results is now an integral part of the instrument software, which has been enhanced by the Result Manager. The new SPECTROLAB metal analyzer offers lower argon consumption and faster measurement results. These are very significant economic advantages that make SPECTROLAB the leading metal analyzer, especially for trace metal analysis, across the global metals industry.

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