SPECTRO means innovation for Arc/Spark-OES, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, ICP-AES, and X-ray fluorescence technologies

SPECTRO Analytical is a leading supplier of X-ray fluorescence (XRF), ICP-OES/AES, ICP-MS, and Arc/Spark-OES instruments for science and industry. SPECTRO’S bench top, portable, and hand-held spectrometers are used for applications in elemental analysis, trace element analysis, and environmental analysis. As a leader in the field of metal analysis, SPECTRO’S hand-held XRF and portable spectrometers lead the field as elemental and environmental analyzers for applications that range from positive material identification (PMI), XRF RoHS testing to trace metal analysis.

Mobile on-site metal analyzers (Arc/Spark-OES) – for fast and reliable positive material identification (PMI), sorting and analysis of metals

Stationary metal analyzers – optical emission spectroscopy (spark OES) for elemental metal analysis of all types of metals in the process control

ICP OES spectrometer (ICP AES) – for the rapid analysis of elements in a variety of matrices including aqueous, semi-conductor, petrochemical, soil, metallurgical and slurries

ICP-MS spectrometers (ICP MASS) – for the fully simultaneous measurement of the complete, inorganically relevant, mass range

X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers – XRF spectrometers for the elemental analysis of solids, powders and liquids

Hand-held XRF analyzer – for metal analysis and sorting, compliance screening, environmental analysis and mining applications

On-line Systems – [Products for the fully automatic analysis of liquid streams, powders and coatings are now handled by AMETEK Process Instruments.]