The first and only ICP-OES spectrometer available with a complete set of factory methods


    • Powerful and cost effective alternative to sequential ICP and FAA spectrometers
    • Simultaneous spectrum capture in the 175-770 nm wavelength range - more than twice the sample throughput compared to sequential instruments when more than 10 elements are analyzed
    • Low operating cost - optical system requires only 0.5 l/min purge gas while still offering superb analytical performance in the UV spectral range
    • Powerful free running 27 MHz generator - perfectly suited for volatile organics and high dissolved solids
    • No water chiller necessary, saving thousands while eliminating chiller breakdown risk
    • Factory methods can be provided for standard applications - "Plug and Analyze" without the need for method development
    The SPECTRO GENESIS is the first and only ICP-OES (also referred to as ICP-AES or ICP plasma) spectrometer available with a complete set of factory methods – truly “plug & analyze” without needing to first develop a method. These factory methods cover all common environmental and industrial applications, like Water, Waste Water, Industrial Waste Water, Soil, Sewage Sludge, Filter Dust, Wear Metals in Oil and Additives in Oil.

    Compliant to national and international norms, the SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES is delivered ready for use straight out of the box with an application package that includes the sample introduction system, sample preparation instructions and method documentation. An extensive package of accessories is available for the SPECTRO GENESIS to further expand its application range.

    The SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES, also referred to as ICP-AES or an ICP plasma spectrometer, offers a real economic alternative to sequential ICP and Atomic Absorption spectrometers, enabling those who are unfamiliar with ICP to profit from the advantages of leading CCD ICP technology and to use a powerful, low cost and user friendly analytical system.

    Additional ICP-OES instruments in SPECTRO’S comprehensive product line include SPECTROBLUE and SPECTRO ARCOS.
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