June 1, 2011

MAHWAH, NJ, June 2011 - AMETEK's Materials Analysis Division, a global leader in elemental analysis and high-speed digital imaging systems, has launched an innovative and comprehensive service program to ensure peak performance and extend the life of its more than 30,000 installed base products.

AMECare Performance Services™ delivers high-value added service solutions through its network of over 100 service engineers based in 20 countries around the world. A broad range of service modules has been developed and offered on an a la carte basis, allowing customers to customize service scope to meet their specific needs. The service modules are based around three pillars:

Proactive maintenance programs that maximize equipment reliability and availability.
Application solutions that meet unique industrial market and research demands.
Enhancing user skills through training and access to product and application experts.
"Our suite of services goes far beyond traditional repair and troubleshooting. We get personally engaged with the customer to better understand their unique business, technical, human resource and application needs. We can then structure a service strategy that gives them the most value and helps meet their business objectives," notes Ron Oscher, Vice President and General Manager of the Materials Analysis Division.

The AMECare Performance Services portfolio, which is being rolled out across the Division, already includes a wide selection of modules, ranging from on-site and remote preventative maintenance to comprehensive application support for the most complex materials analysis challenges facing the industrial and international research communities today.

Examples include: 

A performance maintenance program for the industry-leading SPECTROMAXx stationary metal analyzer that not only ensures maximum availability, critical in a just-in-time world, but is often a requirement for ISO process compliance.
Expert application support for the LEAP 4000X HR Local Electrode™ Atom Probe, a highly versatile metrology tool that helps accelerates results obtained by leading semiconductor manufacturers.
AMETEK's Materials Analysis Division (MAD) offers a wide range of analytical instrumentation for elemental analysis applications in the metals, nanotechnology, environmental, R&D, pharmaceutical, electronics, and forensic science markets, and is also a leader in high-speed digital imaging systems. The division consists of four business units: EDAX, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, Vision Research and Cameca.

AMETEK MAD is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annualized sales of $2.9 billion.
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