New Portable SPECTROSCOUT XRF Analyzer Enables Laboratory-Quality Analysis in Remote Locations

March 1, 2013

Germany, March 2013: SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announces the introduction of its new SPECTROSCOUT Portable Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer that enables rapid, laboratory-class elemental analysis of environmental and geological samples even in remote locations.

SPECTRO officially unveils the SPECTROSCOUT Portable ED-XRF Analyzer at two upcoming industry exhibitions:

Pittcon Conference and Expo,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 17.-21. March 2013 (Booth # 2013)
Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 Exhibition,  Hong Kong, 18.-22. March 2013 (Stand # J53)
The determination of elemental compositions onsite from far-flung mining and  geological field operations to remote environmental locations presents substantial challenges. Real-time analytical results are essential for assessing progress. And, accuracy is a necessity at all detection levels. 

“Weighing only 12 kilograms and carried with a shoulder strap, the new SPECTROSCOUT portable ED-XRF analyzer meets such challenges — in the field — with as much analytical power as top-grade laboratory benchtop analyzers,” explains Dirk Wissmann  of SPECTRO.

“The new SPECTROSCOUT is a small instrument, but a major step forward for end users. Its precision and speed in the field allow for faster decisions and improved productivity. Many laboratory-based measurements now become unnecessary,” notes Wissmann.

The portable analyzer is ideal for onsite environmental and geological analysis. In the instance of shale gas boundary layer detection, it allows for fast data-based direction changes that maximize drilling productivity.

Overall, the SPECTROSCOUT portable ED-XRF analyzer delivers:

Practical and Rugged Portability: Designed for tough use, it is encased in a rugged housing, and its X-ray source protected.The new SPECTROSCOUT is both light weight (12 kg/26.46 lb) and small (270 x 306 x 306 mm/10.7 x 12.1 x 12.1 in). Its features include a large sample compartment, X-ray tube, onboard processor, and high-yield battery pack. An optional integrated video system allows precise spot testing, plus image storage.
Exceptional, Fast Accuracy at All Concentration Levels. SPECTROSCOUT provides highly precise measurements from trace to minor and major concentrations across a range of relevant elements from heavy elements, such as uranium, to light elements, such as sodium, with rapid (typically 10 to 15 minutes) turnaround. The analyzer also brings laboratory-class advantages, such as SPECTRO’s advanced TURBOQUANT unknown-sample analysis and optional customer-specific calibrations.
Easy Operation: Measurements start with the press of a button. Its touchscreen interface provides full access to all analysis results and measured spectra. Pre-installed software packages with methods for applications in mining/prospecting, precious metals and environmental elemental analysis are included. The instrument’s unique iCAL calibration takes just 1 sample and only 5 minutes for standardization.
The new SPECTROSCOUT is highly cost-effective, and, with the improvements in productivity it delivers, it yields an outstanding return on investment. The instrument is backed by AMECARE Performance Services, a global program of proactive maintenance programs, application solutions, access to relevant experts and instrument-specific training.

The new SPECTROSCOUT Portable Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence ED-XRF Analyzer is immediately available. For more information, visit SPECTRO at the Pittcon Conference and Expo, Booth # 2013, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, March 17to 21,  2013 or  the Mines and Money Hong Kong 2013 Exhibition, Stand # J53, in Hong Kong, March 18 to 22,  2013. Or,  visit SPECTRO online at

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