SPECTRO GENESIS Condition Monitoring System Offers Cost-Effective Analysis of Wear Metals in Oils

January 31, 2014

New SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES Condition Monitoring System Offers Cost-Effective Analysis of Wear Metals in Oils
•Full Spectrum, Fully Simultaneous Elemental Analysis
•Rapid Cycle Times
•Cost-effective Solution for Condition Monitoring Laboratories and Oil Blenders

Kleve, January 2014 — SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced a condition monitoring system based on its SPECTRO GENESIS inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES). The system sets new price, performance and productivity standards for condition monitoring laboratories and oil blenders.

The GENESIS system swiftly, accurately, and cost-effectively assesses component wear trends by analyzing lubricating oils for the presence of metals and contaminants that may accelerate wear. This early detection allows users to prevent equipment failures and helps optimize maintenance programs.

Using the latest detector technology, the system’s full-spectrum analysis covers the entire elemental range needed for additive, wear, and trace analysis of lubricating oils. In particular, it offers excellent sensitivity for critical light elements such as Na, Mg, Al, and Si, while offering high sensitivity for wear and trace elements.

It also provides the speed of fully simultaneous analysis, achieving rapid sample cycle times of 90 seconds or less — independent of how many elements must be analyzed.

“Many laboratories still depend on flame atomic absorption spectroscopy for used oil analysis, but they’re increasingly finding that FAAS systems can’t deliver the productivity they need,” says Olaf Schulz, SPECTRO Product Manager for ICP-OES. “For most condition monitoring labs running more than 50 samples per day with 10 or more elements, the SPECTRO GENESIS package is ideal.” 

While providing the ultimate in productivity, SPECTRO GENESIS also is highly affordable, with competitively low costs for operation, consumables, and investment. For example, a typical FAAS instrument analyzing 16 elements might sequentially handle 180 samples in 8 hours. Independent of the number of elements present, the SPECTRO GENESIS system can analyze up to 320 samples in the same eight-hour time frame.

With a total condition monitoring package designed to ASTM and EN standards, the SPECTRO GENESIS offers a full complement of factory-installed methods and procedures, set up and ready for instant use. The package features high accuracy; excellent long-term stability; and easy, straightforward design and operation. Finally, with sturdy but lightweight (150 kg/330 lb) aluminum construction, the system fits standard laboratory benchtops.

The SPECTRO GENESIS condition monitoring system is available now, from SPECTRO dealers worldwide. For more information, visit www.spectro.com/GENESIS.


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