Webinar: Elemental Analysis of Powdered Metals and Additively Manufactured Parts

March 24, 2021

In this live webinar, we will be discussing elemental analysis of powdered metals and additively manufactured components focusing on metal and alloy based components. The history of manufacturing metal and alloy goods is long and this exciting new manufacturing process of additive manufacturing (colloquially called 3D printing) will be explored. The need for compositional analysis will be discussed as well as what internationally accepted test methods are available to manufacturers. We will explore the variety of techniques and their applicability and strengths for various use cases and what advantages SPECTRO can provide to those in the industry.

The webinar will start on March 30th at 10:00 AM EDT (4:00 PM CEST) and will take approx. 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

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