Experts Detail Surprising New Capabilities of ED-XRF Technology in New White Paper

September 17, 2021

Surprising New Capabilities ED-XRFThe dramatic evolution of Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence technology — and the advantages ED-XRF is bringing users worldwide — are explored in the new white paper, “Surprising New Capabilities of ED-XRF Technology.” 

First developed in the 1980s as the “poor man’s x-ray fluorescence spectrometer,” primarily suitable for quantitative analysis for analyzing a few simple sample matrices, ED-XRF analyzers have undergone continuing and exciting technological development. Today, due to an ongoing march of generational improvements, ED-XRF devices provide the high-quality measurement of most elements in the periodic table from uranium (U) to fluorine (F). 

In the new white paper, leading industry experts track the evolution of ED-XRF technology. The report compares the abilities of ED-XRF analyzers to more expensive, complicated, and once superior WD-XRF devices — and details the significant new benefits for users, including sensitivity and precision, cycle time and throughput, ease of use, compactness, and cost of ownership.

Today, ED-XRF technology offers effective solutions for a wide array of both routine and challenging real-world analytical applications, including petrochemicals, chemicals, environmental and geological samples, clinker/cement/slag, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

The best new generation, high-performance ED-XRF analyzers deliver a multi-elemental analysis of major, minor, and trace element concentrations with very good resolution, even in samples of unknown composition — liquid, powder, or solid. They require no external chilling equipment. Low-volume helium purging is used only when required for light elements in liquids and powders, with a vacuum system for solid samples. In comparison, experts say the most advanced ED-XRF spectrometer typically requires half the purchase price of a top-flight WD-XRF and is significantly less expensive in terms of ongoing operation and maintenance.

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