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Waste and Alternative Fuels

Waste Alternative Fuels

Waste & Alternative Fuels

X-Ray Fluorescence Instruments and ICP-OES Analyzers for the Elemental Analysis of Waste and Alternative Fuels

Application Briefs and White Paper

During waste treatment, the individual process steps require accurate elemental determination of the given materials. With its TurboQuant analytical method, the SPECTRO XEPOS offers good accuracy and low detection limits for rapid incoming inspections in waste treatment. The SPECTROSCOUT is frequently employed for direct onsite analyses.

ICP-OES spectrometers like SPECTRO ARCOS, SPECTROGREEN or SPECTRO GENESIS are especially capable of analyzing liquid samples that require little or no sample preparation, but also inhomogeneous materials that are not suitable for direct analysis after the respective preparation. With their high detection sensitivity, trace contents can be analyzed even after fusion and dilution.