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Primary Producers

Primary Producers

Primary Producers

SPECTRO Provides a Comprehensive Portfolio of Advanced Analytical Instruments for Primary Producers

Application Briefs and White Paper

In the primary production segment, stationary metal analyzers are used for process control and process monitoring. With its better analytical performance, especially regarding the combination of trace analysis and stability for higher concentrations, the advantages of the SPECTROLAB are brought to light. Simple operation as well as the relatively short measuring times needed for OES are exceedingly important for sequence control in the extremely cost-intensive processes.

The mobile metal analyzers, SPECTROTEST, SPECTROPORT and SPECTRO xSORT, are specifically designed for location-independent use. The mobile metal analyzers can be directly integrated into onsite production processes. They help, for example, with material sorting, to ensure charge integrity for the correct material flow during further production steps.

The SPECTRO XEPOS, as an energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, is the optimal solution for the analysis of ores, slag, aggregates, coal, coke, refractory materials, and many other samples. Optimized excitation and detection components enable the system to provide outstanding precision and, with it, the basis for high analytical accuracy.

Just like ED-XRF, the use of ICP spectrometers like the SPECTROGREEN and the SPECTRO ARCOS for applications in the metal industry is versatile and includes principally the same materials. In addition, the technology is used for the analysis of waste water. Where XRF offers the simplest sample preparation and operation, the strengths of the ICP technique lie in the excellent detection sensitivity, the short measuring times, and the opportunity for easy automation.