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For the Recycling Industry, SPECTRO Offers a Complete Range of ICP-OES, XRF and (Mobile & Stationary) Arc/Spark Analyzers

Application Briefs and White Paper

Pre-sorted metal scrap brings a much higher price than unsorted. Because of the suitability for location-independent use, the SPECTROTESTSPECTROPORT and SPECTRO xSORT mobile metal analyzers play a major role here. They are employed to distinguish and sort metals by type using material identification and analysis. The value of the metal scrap is determined in receiving and errors or even damage during processing operations can be avoided. The mobile metal analyzers are also of great significance for internal recycling.

After identification of the various materials by mobile metal analyzers, large recycling companies and scrap yards often make use of stationary metal analyzers like the SPECTROLAB and the SPECTROMAXx. With the so determined certificates, the given customer can be provided with information about the contents of the scrap. The easy operation and high analytical flexibility of the SMA instruments present a great advantage.

With the TurboQuant analytical method, the SPECTRO XEPOS offers good accuracy and low detection limits for rapid incoming inspections in waste management. The SPECTRO MIDEX is the instrument of choice for precious metal recycling. It can determine many potential impurities in addition to the typical precious metals.

ICP-OES spectrometers such as the SPECTRO ARCOS and the SPECTROGREEN are primarily employed for the recycling of metals, because of the high detection sensitivity for the control of trace elements as well as for the precise determination of main components. The advantage is that even small and irregularly formed samples or filings, granulates or dust can be analyzed after fusion and that the technique is easily automated. Instruments like the SPECTRO GENESIS are used for the analysis of incinerator ash and waste water as well as for analyses dealing with waste treatment process controls.